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Worshiping inside a temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Have you ever seen a temple of the Church of Jesus Christ? These edifices are distinct from chapels - more traditional buildings where we worship each Sunday. Above is pictures the temple in Washington DC.

Because only worthy members of the church are permitted to enter the temple, many view temple worship as something mysterious. In reality, temples are places of learning where members participate in ordinances and make covenants with their Father in Heaven.

Below are photos of the newly finished Rome, Italy temple.

The symbolism and manner of worship are considered sacred to members of the church. Below is a brief explanation on of the meaning and symbolism of the temple.

Entering the Holy Temple - Leaving the World Behind

When members go to the temple, they dress in their best clothing. After entering the temple, members place their clothes in a locker and dress in all white. This transition creates a feeling of oneness and equality with all other worshipers in the temple. It represents a desire to leave the concerns and preoccupations of the world behind and focus on the divine. It also symbolizes the member's desire to live a pure life.

Sacred Ordinances

Those who enter the temple perform ordinances that enable them to return and live with their Father in Heaven. They commit to serve others, live a chaste life, and follow the teachings of the Savior. The teachings and doctrine taught in the church culminate in our temple worship. They point toward the Savior Jesus Christ and teach us how to live more like Him.

Work for Ancestors

After a member has performed sacred ordinances and made covenants that pertain to themselves, they can enter the temple again and perform those same ordinances standing as proxy for loved ones, ancestors, or others who have passed away. We believe God's love extends to all man, woman, and child who has lived on the earth. Understanding the staggering expanse of the task, the church endeavors to offer these ordinances to all of God's children who are living, who have lived, or who will yet live.

Worshiping in the Temple

So what is it like to worship in a temple? It is a feeling of sublime peace. There is a closeness to the divine that is unlike any other form of worship. It is a place that feels as if there is a conduit from heaven to your heart. It is a feeling we yearn for all to one day experience.

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